Godparent 11 15 x 7.5cm


Godparent candles are designed to match your main candle. Photos shown are examples of our godparent sets. To order your godparent candles, simply click the "ORDER NOW" button on ANY of the examples and this will take you to the order form. See "view sizes" on order form for candle sizes and price. Please note: Godparent candles are only available with purchase of main ceremony candle and prices shown are for small candle sizes only. Main ceremony candle sold separately. Please also see our scented candle range for godparent gifts.

Godparent candles are not sold separately, only available with purchase of main ceremony candle.

15cm x 5cm +
15cm x 7.5cm +
Verse 01 +
Verse 02 +
Verse 03 +
Verse 04 +
Verse 05 +
Verse 06 +
Verse 07 +
Verse 08 +
Verse 09 +
Verse 10 +
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